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Imperial Royal Guards

The Imperial Royal Guard is a special detachment of hand-picked Imperial stormtroopers who serve as the Emperor's personal guards.  Each of these soldiers is specially scrutinized to fit select size, strength, intelligence and loyalty requirements, and equipment and training is lavished upon them.

No firm figures are available on the exact number of Royal Guards serving the Emperor, but speculation ranges from fewer than 50 to the tens of thousands.  Whatever the case, the Royal Guard has become a formidable military sub-unit which is directly under the control of the Emperor.

The entire Royal Guard is never sent on combat missions.  A few small elements of the guard members usually disperse with their ceremonial uniform and don the armor worn by other stormtroopers in the operation.  In such instances, the guard members are always part of the same unit.  They are never dispersed among the ordinary Army units.

Rumors abound about this fierce fighting force.  The legend is that no Royal Guard member has yet been killed in combat.  Stories tell of their invincible fighting prowess - always in the service of the Emperor.

Royal Guards wear garb consisting of flowing red robes, red battle armor, and red helmets.  Although ceremonial, the red armor does not hamper guardsmen in regards to movement or fighting.  This armor is derived from a pair of similar designs, the uniforms of the Death Watch of the Mandalore system and the Sun Guards of the Thyrus system.  That the armor resembles those of units with such ferocious reputations is no accident, and the red glint of the Imperial Royal Guard armor inspires fear in the hardest of men.

Imperial Royal Guard

Type:  Royal Guard
    Blaster 7D
    Blaster Artillery 6D

    Brawling Parry 6D
    Dodge 7D
    Melee Combat 6D

    Force Pike 8D+2
    Melee Parry 5D

Streetwise 3D+1
    Survival 6D

    Bargain 3D+2
    Command 5D+2
    Hide 6D+2
    Search 6D+2
    Sneak 6D+2

Brawling 6D
    Climbing/Jumping 6D
    Lifting 5D
    Stamina 6D

Demolition 5D+1
    First Aid 3D
    Security 4D+1

Character Points:  Varies, typically 1 - 5
Heavy blaster pistol (5D), armor (+2D physical, +1D energy, -1D Dexterity), force pike (STR +3D)

The above are "typical" game statistics for a Royal Guard member, but certain individual guard members will have vastly improved skills